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Hello and welcome!

As this community has just moved over from Livejournal, the membership has changed slightly. In order to get to know everyone and get this community set up in the new digs, please introduce yourself! Please copy/paste the info below in a comment. I'll get lists and things organized.

Country of Origin:
Region (most countries have distinct cultural or even dialect regions):
Languages you are comfortable with:
Strengths as a beta:
Needs from a beta:
What you would like this community to do for you:
Any other specialty?:
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Moderated Posting

ETA: This no longer applies - it's a remnant from Livejournal.

Due to the increase in spam posts in various communities, this community has been placed on temporary moderated posting. I'm not willing to expose the members of this comm to unexpectedly NSFW pictures.

This has nothing to do with any current members; I'm just trying to avoid any problems.

Parental scolding

I've heard that US and English parents sometimes use their children's full names while scolding them. It's not at all common in Germany; so I'm wondering how parents from other countries handle that, especially European countries like France and Italy.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

a delicate question...

... to you good people of the US. Would a fifty year old man (mentioning no names *g*) say 'I need to go to the bathroom'? Or would he say something like 'I need to take a leak - have a piss' or something like that? I know all sorts of UK alternatives but not American. Any help gratefully received :)
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British/American Translations

[ profile] uisgich is visiting from Britain, so she and I came up with a list of terms that instantly identify an author as either British or American. I'm sure some people can add other things.

cut because the list got too long )
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Google Maps Tip

If you go to Google Maps for the United States ( and then click on the 'street view' button, you will get a map of the United States with cameras in various places. Zoom in and you will be able to see actual video footage of that particular street.

There are several other places around the world that have the street view activated, so give it a try! Fascinating.

If your fic has a description of a place, use the street view to get an idea of what the place looks like.
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If you would like to affiliate, please comment to this post.

Current Affiliates

[ profile] science_beta
[ profile] spn_betas
[ profile] who_beta
[ profile] britpickery
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Beta List by Country

[ profile] fred_mouse: Any fandom; any genre; contact through the LJ message system.
[ profile] curia_regis: Harry Potter, SGA, Doctor Who, NCIS, Numb3rs, Torchwood, Monk, House; any genre, any rating, any pairing; contact dystopian [at] gmail [dot] com

[ profile] caras_galadhon: LotR (FPF and RPF), Sharpe, Eastern Promises, anything with Sean Bean or Viggo Mortensen in it, but I'm willing to take a crack at most everything; slash preferred, but not required; caras_galadhon AT livejournal DOT com or message me through my LJ profile page

[ profile] hoarmurath: Any fandom; prefer slash, but will do het or gen; contact at anubishoarmurath @

[ profile] bloody_lee: Supernatural, NCIS, CSI (any), Stargate, Lost, Heroes, LotR, Star Wars, The Thief Lord, Harry Potter, Buffy&Angel, etc.; actually most Fantasy, SciFi, Mystery and some other stuff; any genre; Message me through LJ or bloodylee.fic AT email DOT de
[ profile] noctuabunda: any fandom; any genre; moimoimoi .at. gmx .dot. net

[ profile] autumn_witch78: LOTR, SPN, Eastern Promises, Anita Blake, Buffy, Angel, HP; any genre but het;
[ profile] mikeyrhcp: SPN, QAF US; prefer slash, but willing to do any genre; mikeyrhcp @ or leave me a message through LJ
[ profile] roga: SGA, SG-1, House, NCIS, FNL, Sorkin shows, Joss shows; any genre; roga_wind @

[ profile] ariss_tenoh: any fandom; prefer slash, dislike het, and will stay far away from non-con/dark/death fic; contact through my LJ

New Zealand
[ profile] roxy_palace: SGA, Smallville, LOTR, SPN, Torchwood, Who, DC; Any (But please, no Wincest); contact through LJ

[ profile] kat_on_table: any fandom for cultural/historical/national nuances; prefer gen, but will do others that do not have graphic sex; Just ping me on my LJ or send me a comment

[ profile] kita_malice: any fandom; any genre; send a message through LJ

[ profile] ariss_tenoh: any fandom; prefer slash, dislike het, and will stay far away from non-con/dark/death fic; contact through my LJ

[ profile] autumn_witch78: LOTR, SPN, Eastern Promises, Anita Blake, Buffy, Angel, HP; any genre but het;

United Kingdom
[ profile] eleanorb: Any fandom based in the UK; any genre; Send me an lj mesage or comment on one of my lj posts.
[ profile] liars_dance: Viggo/Bean, Torchwood, Doctor Who; anything but het; message through LJ or email liarsdance AT GMAIL DOT COM
[ profile] youreyesaregems: Multi-fandom, including Harry Potter, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Whoniverse, Criminal Minds; okay with anything except mpreg; contact through her LJ

United States
[ profile] amaresu: Doctor Who, Stargate, Burn Notice, Supernatural, Dexter, feel free to ask as I watch a lot of things that I may not be actively fannish in; any genre; amaresu [at] gmail [dot] com or PM through LJ; upper Midwest
[ profile] cocoajava: Burn Notice, Numb3rs, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Supernatural (season one only), most Sci Fi/Fantasy; any genre; cocoajava (at) gmail (dawt) com
[ profile] seleneheart: Stargate Atlantis; any genre; send a message through Livejournal; Texas, all of the Southeast, parts of the Midwest.
[ profile] erjika: any fandom for local nuances; any genre; message me through livejournal; US regions - northern and southern California
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Beta Sign Up Post

If you are interested in being a beta reader for someone from another country, please sign up by making a comment to this post.

Please let me know your name, the country you are from, the fandoms you are willing to work with (or all, if you aren't picky), and whether you want to work with het, gen, or slash, and etc., (or all, once again).

I'll get each beta organized by country, fandom, and genre.

And here's the handy-dandy form; just copy and paste.