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Apr. 15th, 2017 08:48 am
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Hello and welcome!

As this community has just moved over from Livejournal, the membership has changed slightly. In order to get to know everyone and get this community set up in the new digs, please introduce yourself! Please copy/paste the info below in a comment. I'll get lists and things organized.

Country of Origin:
Region (most countries have distinct cultural or even dialect regions):
Languages you are comfortable with:
Strengths as a beta:
Needs from a beta:
What you would like this community to do for you:
Any other specialty?:
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ETA: This no longer applies - it's a remnant from Livejournal.

Due to the increase in spam posts in various communities, this community has been placed on temporary moderated posting. I'm not willing to expose the members of this comm to unexpectedly NSFW pictures.

This has nothing to do with any current members; I'm just trying to avoid any problems.
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If you are interested in being a beta reader for someone from another country, please sign up by making a comment to this post.

Please let me know your name, the country you are from, the fandoms you are willing to work with (or all, if you aren't picky), and whether you want to work with het, gen, or slash, and etc., (or all, once again).

I'll get each beta organized by country, fandom, and genre.

And here's the handy-dandy form; just copy and paste.


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